Refurbishment of a 10 bedroom listed house

The works on this listed Manor House included regular design meetings with the interior design team, organising the manufacture of purpose built bathroom cabinets as well as the building of en-suite facilities to each bedroom along with installation of new mechanical and electrical systems. The contract was further extended to include a pool and pool house.

Refurbishment of an existing 6 bed house

This project consisted of the addition of an kitchen and family room to an already converted pair of houses plus a full redecoration of decoration to the whole house along with installation of new master bathroom plus family shower room. The contract also included for the laying of new tiled ground hall way and new oak floors to the drawing and dining rooms

Reconstruction of 8 bedroom house

This project was a full rebuild of a fire damaged house that was left with only the external walls part of which were listed, project involved new timber joisting and new roof along with complete new internals. Windows and stairs were rebuilt to the original patterns.

Conversion of two cottages into a house

The project started off as a conversion of two cottages into one house with an extension to form an open plan ground floor, the contract was extended to include for the conversion of existing stables into living accommodation and a gym, the contract was further extended to include for the full refurbishment of a further house on the estate.

Refurbishment of an 8 bedroom house

This projected consisted the full refurbishment of an existing house including installation of new bathrooms and wardrobes plus new mechanical and electrical services, an extension was also added to enlarge the kitchen into a kitchen/family room